Realtor Vs. Real Estate Agent

Common Misconception #1

Is there a difference: Realtor Vs. Real Estate Agent. I hear it in conversations quite often. People who are not familiar with the real estate industry, or are presently in it, will call any and every real estate agent a “Real-uh-tor”. 



First, let’s correct the pronunciation. There is no ‘A’ after the ‘L’, so there is no “uh” sound in the middle of that word. It is pronounced “Real-Tor”, two syllables, not three.


Secondly, all Realtors are licensed real estate agents, but not all real estate agents are Realtors, some do commercial, and some do apartment locating.


In order to practice real estate and legally earn a commission for it you must get your real estate license from the state licensing board. Once you have completed the education and paid your dues and passed your test… you become a real estate agent.


In order for you to gain access to the MLS, (Yes, the association of Realtors has those locked down) you must pay for and join the trade association known as the Association of Realtors. We have to join the National, State, and the local association in order to pay for and have access to the MLS(Multiple Listing Service).   


So calling all real estate agents “Real-tors” is like calling all sodas “Coca Cola’s”. We will leave that debate for another topic. 

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