Low-Cost Texas Broker Sponsor

Looking for a low-cost Texas Broker Sponsor?

Spirit Real Estate Group has a broker sponsor program for agents that is $199 to start, and that covers your first 3 months. Then sponsorship is just $99 per month afterwards. There is a $25 transaction fee on each transaction and that covers the expenses.

What is the commission split?

You keep 100% of the commission.

Why do we include 3 months in the sign-up fee?

We recognize that Real Estate is a pipeline business and it takes time for commission to start coming in. In an ideal situation you would have a commission check coming in before we have to start charging you the monthly sponsorship dues.

What is included in the sponsorship?

  1. Freedom to explore other areas of real estate and chase down every lead that comes your way including Residential, Commercial, and Apartment Locating
  2. Training so you can be competent and knowledgeable in generating leads and servicing your clients
  3. Administrative support so you can just focus on generating leads and closing deals!
  4. Access to a proprietary Customer Relationship Management software
  5. Errors and Omissions Insurance
  6. Company email address
  7. 250 business cards

Do you Sponsor LLC’s or corporations?

We offer sponsorship for entities and we also provide support and CRM software so you can manage your team effectively. We talk more about if an Entity Sponsorship is good for you on our LLC sponsorship page.

Why Choose This Texas Broker Sponsor?

We are a broker with values, and we have very high ethical standards and morals. Everything we do is with the consideration of being an agent and how we would want to be treated, and this comes from our core values.

  • Golden Rule – Do you other as you would have them do to you. (Matt 7:12)
  • Work with Excellence – Work as though working for the lord. (Col 3:23)
  • True Recognition – All the glory to God! (Psalm 115:1)

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