How to Earn More in Real Estate Without Becoming a Broker

Real Estate licensee has great earning potential, but there is a cap on that potential, and it is that there are only so many hours in a day that you can work. Sure, if you bust your tail and close a lot of deals then you can make some great money, but is that realistic long-term? Working by yourself you still have a lot of administrative work, marketing, and secondary tasks that are not directly earning income. There is a great article on called “The Myth of the Successful One-Person Business”, it explains how unrealistic it is to do everything yourself and be successful.

Think about it in number of working leads, then it is easier to see. Keeping 100% of 30 deals is less than keeping 50% of 100 deals. By not doing everything yourself it will free up more time to work on generating more leads. Then your earning potential is only limited by the number of leads you can have worked. If you can invest your time and money in lead sites, marketing, and hiring more agents that do the same, then your income is no longer capped. Your income is not limitless and an added benefit is that you can take time to step away and still be earning which was not possible before.

How do you do this as a licensed agent? These are broker activities and typically you would need to need to earn an extra 600 hours of education, take the brokers exam, and pay the broker’s fees in order to have these available to you. They are available with broker sponsorship at Spirit Real Estate Group in Texas. You can become a franchisee, agent manager, or even a lead distributor with no additional cost over the sponsorship. All of which will earn you some income without you having to work the leads yourself. In addition to that, we do a lot of the administrative work that you once had to do; like invoices, collections, incentive disbursement,brand management, and client management software. We do all of that so you can focus on the income producing activities like lead development and recruiting.

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