How to be Successful as an Independent Real Estate Agent

How to be successful as an independent real estate agentWhen you get started in Real Estate there is a question that will inevitably come into your mind. How to be successful as an independent real estate agent? We discuss the 4 traits you need to find that success. The area of real estate that you are working doesn’t change the traits you need to be successful.

If you are looking for some magical tool that will make you successful, then you are in the wrong industry. DotLoop or a CRM is not going to make you successful, instead they are a compliment, and will help a successful person be more efficient.

The first thing you need to do is take a look inward at who you are as a business professional. What principles do you stand for, and what can your clients expect from you?

Clients in real estate have high expectations, because where they live is at the top of their priority list. These high expectations will also be in place on the service that you provide.


Are you available to your client? Do you answer the phone, emails, or text messages quickly and professionally?

The client has a question or an issue. They want to know the answer ASAP, and often times it is an emergency in their minds. Do you care enough to set their mind at ease, or are you just going to let them wonder?


When you tell your client you are going to do something, do you do it when you said you were going to do it?

Do you under promise and over deliver?

Your clients expectations are what determines whether they refer you or never use you again, so meeting their expectations is paramount in this business.


From my experience, this one is what divides the successful from the others. It’s not just working hard, it is a mentality to overcome and out-work everyone else.

Anyone can work a lot of hours, but what you do with those hours will change the projection of your career. 

Each industry has its own obstacles, and real estate is no different. Can you generate leads? Are you willing to work when your client needs you even if it’s the middle of the night? 

Work ethic also includes the always-improving mentality. People with a great work ethic are never ok with satisfactory. Once they have achieved success, they look for ways to improve on their success so it will not only last, but will get better.


God tells us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Do you hold to this commandment? 

Sometimes in this business we are called to be counselors, confidants, or a friendly ear. It’s not all just business, and given the stress and emotion involved with these transactions, a personal touch will add another dynamic to the service you provide. 

No matter the situation our job forces us to be servants to our clients. So be the best servant as though you are serving God! 


Real estate is going through an industry wide change. Internet is making it possible for clients to do more and need us less. 

The characteristics in this list are not easily developed if you do not already naturally do them. You have to be intentional about and set reminders and processes so you can grow in each of them. Then after time you will have built a habit that will become a trait that you can be proud of.

Our clients experience with us is what will make you stand out and be memorable.

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