Help, I’m an apartment locator, and I am stuck!

f you were lucky enough to get into apartment locating during the boom in the 90’s and afterward, then you are familiar with the structure of the more successful firms. You have the broker or brokers who own the firm. They generate a very large amount of leads and then distribute them to the agents to work. From those leads the client would get after either a free move or rebate incentive, then you would basically end up with somewhere around 25% of the commission you worked very hard for. Their job was to provide a steady stream of leads regardless of the quality accompanied with unrealistic expectations. Once the month is over, rinse and repeat, month-in and month-out, over, and over, and over with no end in sight, just like staring down the never ending path of tracks.

As a locator, there really are not a lot of opportunities for advancement in that organizational structure. In most situations, you are exactly where the broker wants you to be, working their leads. You are just an expense to them otherwise, and unless you want to make less being an admin, then your only other option is to strike out on your own and become a broker.

The great news is the broker sponsorship is a happy medium. You can use it as a means to be your own boss, or you can use it as a stepping stone to becoming a broker. Here at Spirit Real Estate Group, I believe in providing opportunities for advancement and more earning potential. If you are good at recruiting or generating leads, you have more income avenues by earning off of other agents within the company. This is a benefit of a broker without needing a broker’s license. You will have the unique opportunity to grow your own business, and build up for yourself other income producing avenues that will continue to earn while you are not working. Entrepreneurship at its finest and you have it at your fingertips without the need for more schooling are broker’s exams. Here are the requirements in the state of Texas in order to become a licensed broker.

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