Want to Earn a Split On Leads You Provide Other Agents?

With a Franchise you can earn like you are a broker and run a real estate company with the administrative support of Spirit Real Estate Group.

All The Benefits : None Of The Hassle

But, how does it work?

You have a handful of responsibilities in order to manage the agents and provide leads, and then we take care of providing the CRM, and administrative duties like accounts receivable, payable, E & O insurance, record keeping, and much more.

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Franchise Requirements

How Much Does a Franchise Cost?

There is no specific fee for running a franchise, however, as a franchisee it is your responsibility to pay for the sponsorship of the agents you are managing.

We have you sign a franchise agreement, and a independent contractor agreement which defines the relationship between the sponsoring broker and you and your agents.

Our CRM, manages the leads and how the the split is handled so you as the manager can monitor your agents progress and see where the money is going.

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Providing a wide range of real estate support services, our team will handle everything from paperwork to property management relations.


Because we are not your traditional brokerage, people often have questions on how the broker sponsorship works. We would be more than happy to answer yours.


Articles designed to help you start and run a successful Apartment Locating or Real Estate business through broker sponsorship.