Spirit Real Estate Vs. Other Broker Sponsors

Why are agents looking for broker sponsor programs right now? Most of them are looking for 100% commission, which also means that you are looking to earn more off the work that you are putting into your business. Some are just looking for the freedom to sell real estate without the burden of quotas and […]

Can you be both an apartment locator and a Realtor?

The greatest thing about being a real estate licensed salesperson is that whether you want to do residential sales, apartment locating, property management, or commercial real estate, they all require the exact same license.   The basic answer to whether you can be both an apartment Locator and a Realtor is, YES.   Your restrictions […]

How much does it cost to be an apartment locator?

I have spoken about the costs of owning an apartment locating business in another article, and in this article, I will outline the costs of being an apartment locator. I will cover the different level of costs associated with working for yourself, and also working for someone else.   There are some people that do […]

How much money do you make as an apartment locator?

apartment locator

How much money do you make? This is a question that is asked by virtually everyone who is interested in becoming an apartment locator, and for good reason. You want to know if it is a viable income source, and if you will be able to pay the bills. Because this has been asked so […]

How To Work From Home Efficiently As An Apartment Locator

One of the best aspects of being your own boss is that you are able to decide where you want to work. As an apartment locator in the Dallas area, you’ll be working in your car a lot of the time as you take clients to their next potential living space. But you’ll also need […]

Costs to Starting and Operating an Apartment Locating Business

Most people do not realize that being a real estate agent is not cheap. The old adage of “it costs money to make money” definitely applies to being a real estate agent. Just to become a licensed agent in the state of Texas you have to take 180 hours of real estate courses, and that […]

How to work apartment locating leads more efficiently

Working leads is the primary source of revenue not only for apartment locators but also the apartment locating company. If you could find a way to work more leads in the same or less time then the result would be increased revenue. A word of caution though. It is vital that you continue to offer […]

How to close a higher percentage of apartment locating leads

Apartment locating leads can be quite difficult to close due to higher numbers of competitors and incentives that are being used to capture their interest. So what can you do that is going to set you apart from the rest? There are a few tips and strategies that you can do that will give you […]

How to build an apartment locating lead generating website

Building a website is one of the most effective ways to advertise your apartment locating business. It can be very expensive if you decide to outsource the work, but if you know the right tools and have the desire you can get a lead generating website up and running in a matter of hours. Yes, […]