Lease Verifications, And Why They’re Important

I know everyone’s process for getting lease verifications back from a property is different. My process that I have found to be pretty effective is:  These people’s emails are flooded with hundreds and hundreds of emails every single day. So, if you do not call them to get their attention to get them to look it […]

What do I do when I have a difficult property?

You have been working your tail off, and you finally got a lease! But, when you try to go and get the lease verification, all of the sudden the property is completely nonresponsive, or they’ve changed what they told you when you sent your client over there. It sucks, but it does happen to the […]

Invoicing Platforms and Vendor Management Services

Have you ever had an invoice that you just could not get paid, or they ask you to upload it into some service that you’ve never heard of? Well, these are invoicing platforms. Some of the major players are Ops Technology which is run by Real Page, Vendor Café, or Entrada. What exactly are these […]

The Importance of Lease Verification

The question you should be asking yourself is, “Do I want to get paid for the work I’ve done? Hmmm” Lease verifications are essential in today’s apartment locating market. They not only confirm that the client was approved, but also confirm that the property and/or management will pay the stated commission to the referring locator. […]

Real Estate Agent Vs. Real Estate Broker

Common Misconception #2 = Real Estate Agent Vs. Real Estate Broker There is another very common misconception around the term “Real Estate Broker”. There is the understanding of the word as a verb and also as a noun, both of which have two very different meanings.   I have heard it where real estate agents […]

Can you do Real Estate Part Time?

Real Estate as a profession is one of the most flexible industries to be in. You can do real estate part-time or full-time. We have agents fresh out of high school all the way to retirees who have chosen real estate as their next profession. We have stay-at-home moms or dads to doctors, teachers, even […]

How to get a real estate license Fast and Cheap!

You may be wondering how long does it take to become a licensed real estate agent in Texas, or maybe how much is it going to cost me? The Texas Real Estate Commission website provides you the steps that need to be completed. File application and pay fee Get fingerprints taken and pass background check […]

Low-Cost Texas Broker Sponsor

Looking for a low-cost Texas Broker Sponsor? Spirit Real Estate Group has a broker sponsor program for agents that is $199 to start, and that covers your first 3 months. Then sponsorship is just $99 per month afterwards. There is a $25 transaction fee on each transaction and that covers the expenses. What is the […]

How Does a 100% Commission Brokerage Work?

How Does 100% Commission Brokerages Work

A traditional brokerage has broker splits that range from 10% to 60 or 70%. That is a big chunk of the commission that you earn on a transaction that you provide. There are broker solutions available for agents who want to keep ALL of the commission. We explain How Does 100% Commission Brokerages Work! Is […]

How to be Successful as an Independent Real Estate Agent

When you get started in Real Estate there is a question that will inevitably come into your mind. How to be successful as an independent real estate agent? We discuss the 4 traits you need to find that success. The area of real estate that you are working doesn’t change the traits you need to […]