Can you be both an apartment locator and a Realtor?

The greatest thing about being a real estate licensed salesperson is that whether you want to do residential sales, apartment locating, property management, or commercial real estate, they all require the exact same license.


The basic answer to whether you can be both an apartment Locator and a Realtor is, YES.


Your restrictions on whether you can be more than one of those at the same time lies within the capabilities of the broker.


Some brokers only want you to perform one task at a time, and for their sake, it is much better for their business if you do.


However, when helping people find places to live, you have clients that need help in more than one area of real estate. If you have a broker that will allow you to work in those areas, with their supervision, you can open yourself up to a whole other revenue stream.


You will need to check with your broker on whether or not you are permitted to do those, and you should also check into the requirements and costs associated with entering that type of real estate transaction.


Broker Sponsorship with Spirit Real Estate Group, you are not restricted on any of the residential side of real estate. You are permitted to do Apartment Locating, Residential Sales (Realtor), and also you have the ability to do Residential Property Management.


We currently do not have a commercial broker, but the goal is to be able to have all facets of real estate available for all of the agents that are looking for broker sponsorship.


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