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Realtor Vs. Real Estate Agent

Common Misconception #1 Is there a difference: Realtor Vs. Real Estate Agent. I hear it in conversations quite often. People who are not familiar with

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About the Broker

My name is Bryan Bjerke and I have been enjoying real estate since 2006. 

When I got my real estate license, I quickly found out how different this job was from every other job I have ever had. The limitless income potential, the ability to help people find a place to call home, and the challenge and fulfillment of winning for my clients, all drove me to succeed.

There is no other industry that I know of that has both the flexibility and the ever-changing landscape, making the job both fun and challenging. blog


I formed Spirit Real Estate Group with God in mind and I take pride in being a Spirit Led Company, and we conduct our business through our core values that are centered around God’s word.

I have very strong feelings about doing right by people and making sure that everyone is treated as we would want to be. Each member is given my personal cell phone and can reach me anytime. blog